And Now There’s… Moving Pictures?!?

Good day to you, good ladies and gentlemen.


Yes indeed, it has been almost a year since I last wrote something herein. It is, in part, because my life has gotten busy. It is also, in other parts, because I haven’t had a lot to speak of.


Recently I moved to a ‘VideoBlog’ format on YouTube. I did so, primarily, because my rantings on FaceBook often received the response of “TL;DR” and so I sought out another venue for offering and sharing my thoughts on many things from current events to sociological situations to who knows what. And of COURSE I had to dance into Steampunk Territory. And so, I thought to myself, perhaps I shall blend the two… the written and the spoken… and supplement my VBlog, expand some of its concepts and ramblings, here on my actual blog.


And in exploring my thoughts on this I came to the conclusion that I should structure it in some way.


There have been many presentations at conventions, many videos and writings concerning Steampunk 101: An Introduction. I have been involved in such frequently over the last six years. But where is the rest of the curriculum, I have to wonder? Well, if no one else shall… than I shall.


The various levels of tracks I have determined to utilize are as follows:


100 Level – Basic Series: Introductions. What is Steampunk? Books, movies, music, wardrobe, etc.

200 Level – Intermediate Series: Further depth into wardrobe, gadgets, flirting, socializing. conventions, gathers, etc.

300 Level – Advances Series: Colonialism, etiquette, class, various -isms, etc.

400 Level – Complex Series: the psychology and sociology of the Steampunk and the community.

Electives – Reviews of events, cities, steampunk groups and the like.


For example, I have recently posted Steampunk 201: So You’re Steampunk, NOW What? and am editing Steampunk 202: The Devil Is In the Details. I shall post these weekly, between other posts on music and on social issues and random ramblings.


You can find my channel here:

And you can find the first of my Steampunk Ramblings here:

[I also have a non-curriculum Steampunk posting that I shall have to rename, methinks].


I do hope that you have an adventurous weekend!


H.A. Higgins-Keith


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